Wednesday, August 29, 2012



It's 1950. You just dropped into a crime syndicate as an undercover cop. Your crime boss is giving orders right and left. But what does he want you do to?

Read and decide what the underlined words mean so that you can follow orders to keep your secret identity secret.

1. "Take a patsy for the job."
a. a girl    b. a boy     c. a fool

2. "Take the fall for the job."
a. water bucket    b. the blame    c. money

3. "Take a fin for the job."
a. five dollars b. shark fin  c. a Finnish waitress

4. "Take a bunk after the job."
a. take off    b. a nap    c. a hotel room

5. "Take a hack after the job."
a. cut of the money   b. piece of cheese    c. a taxi

"6. Take a pair of Cs to do the job."
a. pair of doves  b. $200.00  c. tennis shoes

1. c. Patsy: Person who is set up; fool, chump
2. b. Take the fall for: Accept punishment for
3. a. Fin: $5 bill
4. a. Bunk: "Take a bunk" - leave, disappear
5. c. Hack: Taxi
6. b. Pair of Cs: $200.00
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