Friday, September 28, 2012


image: The Blackout Gang - mystery book review
The Blackout Gang - mystery book review
Josh McCall

Available: Hardcopy & Paperback

       BB, Monica, and Kev 1 n, are three twelve-year-old super-talented geniuses stuck for two weeks at a camp for normal kids on Pine Rock Mountain, near New York city. Talk about boring. They can't wait to get back to the city, their computers, decent food and air conditioning. When BB receives a plea for help from a nerdy classmate Newt Lizzard, they jump at the chance to return to the city. He's in serious danger. They sneak away from camp and take the train into Manhattan. When they get there, the city has been slammed with a blackout. There's total chaos everywhere. Armed with their super talented brilliant minds and their trusty bicycles, the Blackout Gang faces off against the evil mastermind behind the city’s power loss and the disappearance of their parents.
            Overall the story is a fast paced, fun read. And although the end is a little cheesy, I think reluctant readers especially will enjoy the fast paced action that showcases the unique talents of the three kid geniuses.

Target Audience: grades 5-8
Mystery / Suspense: fast paced
Kid Appeal: Reluctant readers

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