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image: The Pity Party - mystery  book review
The Pity Party - mystery book review
8th Grade in the Life of Me, Cass
Alison Pollet

Okay, so I'm breaking my own rules, THE PITY PARTY is not a mystery, but it does have mysterious elements. Like a missing friend and  . . .  I really liked the story and the main character Cass so I'm writing a review anyway.

It's the beginning of her eight grade year for Cass Levin, "not Levine." She attends New York City's Elston Prep with her two best friends. It should be a great year, but when the class lists come out, she doesn't even have one class with either of them. Worse, they seem to have every class together and she starts to feel a little left out. The situation forces her to make friends with other students, one boy in particular, Rod Punkin. He's not the kind of boy your parents would love. His own parents don't seem to like him either. Just as she decides he's not as bad as his reputation, he disappears.

The voice is strong. The story poignant. It reveals a lot about how easily misconceptions can color one's own self identity and friendships. A fun, enjoyable read with a touch of humor, exploring the angst of navigating eighth grade.

Target audience: grades 6-9
Mystery/suspence: subtle
Kid appeal: Strong for girls

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