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image: Bar Code Tattoo - mystery book review
The Bar Code Tattoo Review
Suzanne Weyn

Available:  Paperback, Kindle

   This is the first book in the Bar Code series.

    Kayla is turning seventeen soon and will be eligible to get her barcode tattoo like everyone else who wants to be "in." It's 2025 and the new barcode replaces everything __ credit cards, driver's licenses and even your medical information. Who wouldn't want one? Kayla, that's who. Of course her best friend can't understand this and Kayla finds herself spending time with members of a teen resistance movement fighting against the tattoo and Kayla becomes torn between her old best friend and her new friends. At first the barcode tattoo is voluntary, but then the government makes the tattoo mandatory. This changes everything for Kayla. On top of this she learns frightening information about the information stored in the tattoos and how that information is used. Before she knows it, she's on the other side of the law and running for her life.
     The premise behind this book is compelling. Total government control of individuals from their medical treatments, to their education and to their future opportunities. The story moves quickly with a lot of action, suspense and danger. What is most disturbing, and therefore fascinating, is that this could happen to America in the near future. This book is sure to entertain the teen reader and raises some important societal ethical questions. At the same time, the latter part of the book is rushed and could have easily been developed into a more satisfying ending. Still I enjoyed reading it, because it tweaked my imagination. I think teens will like it, too.

Target audience:  grades 8-10
Mystery /Suspense: Intense
Kid Appeal: For older readers

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