Monday, December 3, 2012


Bruce Hale              Photo byTom Musselman.

THREE QUESTIONS FOR BRUCE HALE, author of the Chet Gecko series

1. What made you choose a gecko for your hero?
I was living in Hawaii with geckos all around.  I'd already done some picture books with a Hawaiian surfing gecko, so I wasn't intending to use another gecko hero when it came time to write a mystery.  But when I sat down to write from the detective's point of view, he introduced himself on the first page: "Who am I? Chet Gecko, Private Eye."  And the name was so perfect, I had to write about him.

2. What do you have in common with Chet?
We share a sense of humor, a fondness for sweets, and a sense of curiosity. We do not, however, share a tail.

3. When you were a kid, who was your favorite mystery detective?
At around 10 years old, I discovered ALFRED HITCHCOCK & THE THREE INVESTIGATORS series.  Although I also read Encyclopedia Brown and others, the Three Investigators were my favorite.

Bruce's next book


"His, er, first three fosters died," said the caseworker.
"How?" asked Hantai Annie, eyes on Max.
"Let's see... devoured by crocodiles, executed by Gurlukh warlords, and... 
popped off in an accident involving a bathtub, a radio, and a yo-yo."
"Again, not my fault," said Max.
                                                                 Coming June 2013
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