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image: FRAMED - Mystery book review
FRAMED - Mystery book review
Gordon Korman

Available: Hardcopy, paperback, Kindle, audio

   FRAMED is third book in the SWINDLE series.

   Griffin Bing life isn't going so well. It's a new school year at Cedarville Middle School and the new principal seems to have taken an immediate dislike to Griffin. Griffin hasn't done anything to deserve it. Plus, his parents are upset that he's lost his retainer. Again. The smart thing seems to lay low and keep out of trouble. It's a great idea and almost works. But when the school's valuable Super Bowl ring is stolen from the trophy case, Griffin becomes the prime suspect when his missing retainer is found in place of the ring. No one will believe he's innocent except his friends. They try to help clear him, but the plan fails and Griffin ends up in an alternative school for juvenile delinquents, he calls "a Jail for kids." Each attempt to prove his innocence seems to get him in more trouble until he's placed under house arrest and has to wear an ankle-monitoring bracelet. In a race against time, he has to clear his name before he's banned from Cedarville Middle School forever.
     Filled with zanny characters and believable middle school angst, this is a book to delight. The plot moves forward at a quick pace with nice plot twists. It also has some very funny moments. In fact, the young man in my life tried to steal the book before I'd finished reading it. A nice complement for any author.

Target audience: Grades 5-7
Mystery/suspense: good twists
Kid appeal: Fun read

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