Wednesday, January 9, 2013


image: Heist Society- Mystery book review
Heist Society- Mystery book review
Ally Carter
Disney Hyperion

Available: hardcopy, paperback, Kindle, audio

   Katarina "Kat" Bishop has just settled into her new life at a prestigious New England boarding school when she's accused of an unforgivable prank and is kicked out. 16-year-old billionaire Hale has set her up to take the fall. If she'd pulled the job, she wouldn't have been caught. Not with her experience. Her father is one of the world's best art thieves and she's been his assistant for years. At first she's furious with Hale because he's ruined her chance at a normal life. Then she learns that five ultra valuable paintings have been stolen and her father is the prime suspect. The victim is Arturo Taccone, a dangerous Italian billionaire. He wants them back or her father will become history. She has two weeks to locate the thief and to re-steal the art. She puts together a team of teens to pull off the job in a high-stakes romp across Europe.
    This is an action-packed mystery of international intrigue packed with a cast of unconventional characters. There's glamour. Humor. Spies. Exotic locations. The world of art and theft. It's all narrated by a spunky Kat who, in spite of her unusual lifestyle, is a normal teen girl coming to grips with life, boys and how she fits in to it all. A fun read that would make a great movie.

Target audience: Grade 6–10
Mystery/suspense: Action packed
Kid Appeal: High

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