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image: GIRL STOLEN - Mystery book review
GIRL STOLEN - Mystery book review

April Henry
Henry Holt

Available: Hardcopy, Paperback, Kindle, audio

This story is told from both sixteen-year-old-Cheyenne Wilder’s point of view and Griffin’s, a teen high school dropout. Cheyenne is the daughter of a wealthy business man. Griffin is the son of a crook. The story opens with Cheyenne waiting in the car for her stepmother to return from the pharmacy with a prescription for Cheyenne. She’s not feeling well and is sleeping under a blanket in the backseat. The car door opens, shuts, the car’s engine starts and she smells cigarette smoke. Her stepmother doesn’t smoke. Someone is stealing the car with her in it. Griffin sees a car with keys and takes advantage of the opportunity to boost an expensive car to gain his father’s approval. He’s shocked when he realizes he has an unexpected passenger. She pleads to let her go, but he can’t let her go just yet and he’s worried she’s seen him. She assures him she hasn’t. She’s blind. Everything becomes more complicated his father realizes the girl might be worth more than the expensive car. Suddenly the tension ratchets into overdrive as both teens have to wrestle with their fears of what might happen next.
The story rocks back and forth between the teens. The reader can’t help but feel sympathy for both which creates a suspense that grows as the story develops. Will Griffin do the right thing? Will Cheyenne? Is a happy ending possible? Who will survive? April Henry does masterful job of developing both characters. The readers left guessing right up to the end and cheering for both.

Target Audience: Grades 7-11
Mystery/suspense: Excellent
Kid Appeal: High

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