Wednesday, February 6, 2013


image: THE FALSE PRINCESS- Mystery book review
THE FALSE PRINCESS- Mystery book review

Eilis O'Neal

Available: hardcopy, paperback, Kindle & audio

     At some point every girl secretly dreams she is a princess switched at birth. For sixteen-year-old Nalia, the reverse is true. Raised as a princess only to find out that she was a stand-in for the real princess. Instead of being Princess Nalia, she's plain Sinda Azaway, daughter of a simple weaver. In an instant she's banished from the castle. Banished from the only home she's ever known. Banished from who she thought were her loving parents. Banished from her one true friend. She's sent away to live with an aunt who doesn't seem to want her. Or, like her.  Nothing she's learned at the palace is useful in her new life and she's more than just miserable. Something odd is happening to her body. She feels she's about to explode.
Literally. She has to find out what's happening to her and the truth about her past.
     This was a really enjoyable read. The plot twists are fun and unexpected which made it hard to put down. There is a quiet mix of fantasy, romance, magic and mystery woven into a wonderful coming-of-age-story that girls will love.

Target Audience: Grades 7-10
Mystery/suspense: Sneaks up on you
Kid Appeal: Girls will love this!

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