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image: Hiss Me Deadly - mystery book review
Hiss Me Deadly - mystery book review

Bruce Hale
Harcourt, Inc.

AVAILABLE: hard copy, paperback, Kindle & Nook
   Chet Gecko, the grade school wise cracking lizard private eye, makes his thirteenth appearance in HISS ME DEADLY.
   It's just another day for Chet Gecko at the wacky Emerson Hicky Elementary school. That is until his little sister Pinky, asks for his help. Pinky borrowed their mother's pearls [without permission] for Show-and-Tell.  Someone stole them and Pinky is desperate. She'll do anything for her brother to get them back before the big party their mom's throwing the next day. Of course he agrees to help her. This case is personal. With the aid of Natalie, his mockingbird sidekick assistant, the investigation begins. It isn't long before they discover the pearls aren't the only things missing at the school. Another student is missing a watch. A teacher is missing a tiara. Chet is sent to the principal's office where he learns that two computers are missing, too. Principal Zero makes an offer Chet can't refuse. Find the thieves or else. From here on it's a race against time.
   The wise cracks and weird observations Chet Gecko makes are both funny and hold an age appropriate irreverence. What is especially nice is that Gecko's voice doesn’t get in the way of the story or slow it down. The outrageous cast-of-characters are wonderful and definitely appeal to the middle grade mindset.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Boys & Girls grades 4-6
MYSTERY / SUSPENSE: A real follow the clues "Who-Done-It"
KID APPEAL:  Boys especially will like this.

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