Wednesday, May 22, 2013


GHOST DOG SECRET-Kids Mystery Reviews
Peg Kehret

Available: Paperback, hardcopy, Kindle

Rusty is in the sixth grade. On the way to school one cold morning, he spots a German shepherd chained in a muddy yard with no food, water or even a dog house for shelter from the winter. After school he goes back to check on the dog. It's obviously being neglected. Skittish, wary and hungry.
Rusty contacts Animal Control, but they can't or won't help. Not without proof the dog is being neglected. Getting the proof is easier said than done. Rusty secretly begins to feed and water the dog with the help of his friend Andrew. It seems that the two boys and the ghost of a collie are the only ones that care. When they find the German shepherd injured, they decide the only way to save the animal is to take him and hide him in their secret clubhouse. It's a great idea until the dog's owner comes after them making threats. Plus the ghost collie seems to be trying to tell Rusty something important, too. Rusty and Andrew have to figure it all out soon, before it's too late.
Kids and animal lovers will be pulled into Rusty's quest to save Ra (the dog) from the moment the boy sets eye on the mistreated animal. The story feels genuine. The boys' detective skills are age appropriate. While this is not a whodunit, type of story, there's lots of action, danger, and excitement.

Target audience: Grades 4 -6
Mystery/suspense: good
Kid appeal: Especially for animal lovers

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