Wednesday, May 15, 2013


image: THE MISSING MUMMY- Kids Mystery Reviews
THE MISSING MUMMY- Kids Mystery Reviews

Ron Roy
Random House

Available: Paperback, Kindle

Friends Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose decide to take advantage of the Wadsworth Museum afternoon program for kids. It promises to be an exciting week starting with Mummy Monday followed by
Tyrannosaurus Tuesday. They arrive Monday afternoon to see the new Egyptian exhibit. There are three real mummies on display in a real tomb all the way from Egypt. One of the three mummies belongs to a kid. It's totally awesome. Halfway through the presentation, a mysterious woman dashes in and steals the kid mummy. Then the tomb is robbed. A fortune in gold artifacts is gone. Determined to solve the mystery, the three friends  set out to track down the thieves.
This was a fun episode in the A to Z Mystery series. Not only do the three young detectives face danger, they use great logic to solve the case. Plus, they learn a little about Ancient Egypt in the process.

Target audience: Early readers
Mystery/suspense: Very high
Kid appeal: Yes!

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