Monday, May 20, 2013



Missing on Superstition Mountain


What made you choose the three Barker brothers for your heroes?

I liked the idea of writing about three brothers.  I grew up in a family with three children, and I have three children of my own, and I have always liked the complexity of three siblings... the shifting alliances and feuds, and all the different possible combinations, the way siblings who are close to each other can become a kind of team, balancing out each other's weaknesses.

Which brother do you have the most in common?

Henry, of course!  I'm a middle child, the bookish one in the family. I always loved to read and make up stories, loved using big words inappropriately when I was that age.  I think I also have a fair amount in common with Delilah, though.

When you were a kid, who was your favorite mystery detective?

Oh, good question!  I read a TON of Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid, and even though I'm not sure there's much to admire in the writing or the way the stories are structured - they're pretty formulaic - I really did admire Nancy herself when I was little.  She was so calm and brave and competent; a really interesting role model for girls my age at that time, because she was very much a girl - or a young woman, I should say - but she never seemed vulnerable because of that.  She was strategic, coolly calculating, a good problem-solver, yet also kind and sincere.  I still think about what she represented to me when I raced through all of those books.
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