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     Mr. Randolph's body was discovered in his bedroom by Tommy Jones. The teen called 911 on his cell phone and waited for the police to arrive. While the forensic team gathered evidence from the crime scene, Detective Brown interviewed Tommy.
"Did you see anyone leaving the house?" Detective Brown asked.
"No," Tommy said.
"What were you doing out this late?"
"Walking home from the game."
"But this is two blocks beyond your house from the school."
Tommy nodded. "Mr. Randolph is a big football fan. I always come by after the game to let him know which team won and to give him a report on the play-by-play action. At first I thought it was too late. But then I noticed his bedroom light on and decided to peek through his window to see if he was still awake."
"Go on."
"At first I didn't see anything because the window was covered in frost. So I wiped it off. That's when I saw him on the floor by his bed."
"What did you do next?"
"He's old and might have had a heart attack or something and needed medical attention. I had to get inside to help him."
"Why didn't you call the police immediately"
Tommy shrugged. "I don't know. All I thought about was getting inside. I tried the backdoor. It was locked. So I kicked it in. When I found him, I realized it wasn't a heart attack. He'd been shot and it was too late. That's when I called 911."
Detective Brown closed his notebook, shoved it into a pocket and unclipped a set of handcuffs. "Tommy Jones, you're under arrest for the murder of Mr. Randolph. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law."

How did Detective Brown know Tommy was lying?

Scroll down for the answer.


Frost forms on the inside of a window, not the outside. Tommy could not have wiped it off from the outside to see Mr. Randolph's body.

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