Friday, September 27, 2013



Between Wednesday and Thursday afternoons a crime has been committed. Can you spot thirteen potential clues [things that are different] to help Detective Brown unravel the mystery?




Starting top left corner.

1. Missing white pipes on top of left chimney
2. Ivy taller on same chimney
3. Statue added
4. Door missing & bush bigger
5. More blue flowers in bloom

From the top right

6. Chimney missing
7. Ivy growing on right tower
8. Tudor window replaced with white panel
9. Girl in pink dress added
10. Running dog added
11. Squirrel on lawn added

Towards the center

12. Beige square missing over the window over the door
13. Fish under the eaves added

GOOD JOB! With your help, Detective Brown has solved the CASE OF THE MOVIE SET MIX-UP.  Someone made a terrible scheduling mistake. Two directors planned to make two different movies at the same time-- on the same set, with totally different props.  It just didn't work. Not when statues, bushes, and deco fish appeared. While doors, windows, and chimney's disappeared. The mix-up was satisfactorily solved with a flip of the coin and a new filming schedule. By the way, Detective Brown cleared all allegations against the squirrel. It just happened to be collecting nuts in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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