Tuesday, October 8, 2013


S.A. Bodeen
R.R. Donnnelley & Sons

Available: paperback, hardcopy, Kindle, audible

     Eli, his two sisters, his mom and dad have lived in the compound for the the last six years.  They're lucky ones, because Eli's father an incredibly wealthy businessman built the underground sanctuary. It has everything to sustain the family in luxury for fifteen years. Of course not all plans have gone according to plan. His twin brother and Gram didn't
make it before the world exploded in a nuclear attack. Eli misses his brother and in spite of the time spent with his family, he feels estranged. It's almost like they're strangers. A visit to his brother's room turns up a startling discovery. As he tracks down a series of clues, he makes a  discovery that changes everything that he thought was true about his family and the world above.
     This was a compelling read and at times a little disturbing, but Eli's journey of self-discovery draws the reader into his world underground.

Target audience: Grades 7-10
Mystery /Suspense: good
Target audience: Distopia fans

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