Thursday, November 21, 2013

Arnold Rudnick
A Paraphrase, LLC Book

Available: Paperback, Kindle

    Pete's a normal sixth grader like everyone else, except for one small little thing. He can read minds, which should make life easier. It doesn't. It actually complicates things. Like getting the wrong answers on a math test that match another student's wrong answers and the teacher thinks you're cheating. Or how about knowing what the bully is planning to do to you during the next recess. Things change when  a substitute teacher takes over his class. A substitute teacher who is planning to pull off a big robbery. Pete teams up with a couple of unlikely fellow students, but can they stop the crime before it happens?
    This was a fun read full of both zany antics and a real life crime. Pete and his friends use age appropriate logic to solve the crime, but not without some risk taking. 

Target audience: Grades 4-6
Mystery / suspense: good
Kid appeal: fun
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