Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Ashley Rae Harris
Lerner Publishing Group

Available: paperback, hardcover, Kindle

     Jordan is like a lot of other high school girls. She has a mad crush on a guy that doesn't seem to notice her, isn't sure where she fits in the social scene and is just the other side of popular. The problem is that "the guy" hangs with the popular kids.  So when she's invited to be a part of the in crowd, she can't resist. Not even when it means she has to take part in a
series of escalating pranks. Suddenly they become more than just jokes. Is she being setup to take the fall? Or is it something more sinister? Something supernatural? Either way, she has to find out the truth.
    This was a quick read which should appeal to reluctant readers. Jordan's character is appealing and the story feels current. It's a blend of supernatural, mystery and romance that will appeal to girls.

Target audience: Grades 7-9
Mystery / Suspense: okay
Kid appeal: reluctant girl readers

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