Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Suzanne Weyn

Available: paperback, hardcover, Kindle

Giselle and Ingrid are seventeen-year-old twins. They have come to live in the Frankenstein castle in the Orkney island chain of Scotland that they inherited from their father, Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The two girls are excited embarking on a new life. Although they are identical twins, they are very different.
Giselle is the pretty one. The one who's enamored at becoming a baroness. Who has plans to restore the old run down castle into its former glory. Ingrid is the studious sister. She doesn't have the time or interest in the social whirl her sister has planned. Having been raised by their maternal grandfather, neither girl knew of their famous father. Or his experiments. When Ingrid finds his diaries, she learns that he kept their existence a secret for fear of the monster he'd created would destroy them.  She's drawn to her father's notebooks and his mysterious experiments. Soon, it becomes clear, that something sinister force is at work in the castle and that no one is safe.
      The story is told from both Giselle and Ingrid's viewpoints in their personal diary entries. Each girl has a unique take on the events that unravel as the story develops. It's a compelling read from beginning to end. The suspense steadily increases from beginning to end. This is a fresh look at the classic Frankenstein classic.

Target audience: Grades 8-10
Mystery / Suspense: High
Kid appeal: Good

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