Wednesday, August 6, 2014


S.S. Taylor
McSweeney's McMullens

Available: paperback, hardcopy, Kindle

This story is set in the future. Technology has failed and the world is left without electricity, computers, and communication devices like phones. Kit, M.K. and Zander are orphans. Their father was a brilliant explorer and cartographer who died under mysterious circumstances. So far, the three kids have been allowed to remain at their family home, but for how long?
All sorts of government officials are sniffing around, but for what? The agents have already removed all of their father's research from the family home. This peeks the kid's interest and they start searching through their father's things and find half of a map he managed to hide from the authorities. Why does the government want this map? And where is the other half? The search for answers sends them on an incredible journey as they try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.
This was well written and a true mystery adventure story. The three kids feel totally contemporary in spite of the fact they are living in a retro world without the aid of cell phones and such. There's lots of action and suspense with twists and turns. It was a fun read.

Target audience: grades 4-7
Mystery/ Suspense: appropriate
Kid appeal: good
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