Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Jude Watson

Available:  Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, audible

    Twelve-year-old March McQuinn watches as a man falls off a roof and lands in the street. It's Amsterdam. It's night. And worst of all, it's his father. He rushes to help. All his father manages to say are two words before he dies. "Find jewels." At first March assumes he's talking about real jewels. After all, his father is an infamous jewel thief. March begins his quest to recover them and
discovers the jewels he is searching for are not stolen gems. "Jules" is his twin sister. A sister who he didn't know existed. When they connect they find they aren't all that compatible. Not until they end up in an orphanage with one common goal. . . to escape. Using the skills learned from their father's profession, they set out to discover his killer and to set themselves up in luxury for life. It'll only take one good heist.
     This was a delightful read, full of action and surprises, not to mention cursed jewels, a frightening prophecy, and a cast of fun characters. Plus it has underlying themes of family, commitment and love. Both boys and girls should enjoy spending time with March and Jules on their crazy ride.

Target Audience: Grades 6-7
Mystery/suspense: Great
Kid appeal: fun

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