Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Andrew Clements
Simon and Schuster

Available: paperback, Kindle, hardcopy, audible, audio

    Sixth grader Jay Grayson is starting a new school! It's going to be great. For the first time in his life he'll get to start as just the new kid. All on his own. This time he's not one of the new "adorable" identical twins because his brother Ray is home sick. To his surprise, not one person at school realizes there is another Grayson boy. Not the teachers. Not the principal. Not the other kids. Somehow the paperwork got
mixed up from their old school and it's as if his twin doesn't exist. For the first time in his life he knows what it's like to been seen as himself and not the half of a twin. It's awesome. So awesome that he hatches a plan and convinces his brother to go along. At first it's great, until things start to go wrong.
    This was a fun read and a kind of reverse mystery. The reader is in on the scam. Both Jay and Ray are likable and it was fun to view life from a twin's perspective. Boys and girls will both enjoy the story.

Target audience: Grades 4-6
Mystery/ suspense: fun

Kid appeal: good
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