Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Amy Timberlake

Available:  Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, audio

   The year is 1871. The place is Placid, Wisconsin. The story opens with young Georgie Burkhardt sister's funeral. She can't believe it's real. And somehow it seems like it's all her fault; her and her habit of speaking of what's on her mind. It's the reason her older sister took off with a pack of strangers. "Pigeoners" following the huge migration of passenger pigeons. Men go in search of her and
return with Next thing the sheriff has returned with an unidentifiable body. A girl her sister's age and wearing her dress. It's obvious to everyone what's happened. Her sister met with foul play and is dead. Georgie doesn't believe it. She clings to the hope that her sister is still alive and needs her help. She sets out on to find her sister, retraces her sister's steps and searches for the truth.
    This is well written and compelling with a literary flair. This would an excellent read-aloud book for the classroom. Once the story is set up, one can't stop reading to see what will happen to Georgie and how she will survive.

Target Audience: Grades 6-8
Mystery / suspense: Great
Kid appeal: very good

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