Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Peter Abrahams
Harper Teen

Available: paperback, Kindle, hardcopy, audio

    It seems like Cody has it all. He's the starting quarterback of the Varsity football team. He has a fantastic girlfriend. He has a great summer job. Life is awesome. But suddenly everything changes. His girlfriend Clea is sent off to boarding school out state. Good-bye girlfriend. Then he has a football accident and can't play. Good-bye foot scholarship. He drops out of school to work. All of his dreams of a bright future are gone. But then one afternoon he sees a newspaper headline: LOCAL GIRL MISSING. It's Clea. She's mysteriously
disappeared from her boarding school in Vermont. Even though they are no longer together, and the article quotes a boyfriend, there's only one thing to do. Go to Vermont and find her.
   This was a great teen suspense novel. The tension is high. The reader can't help but hope that Cody will find Clea, even if we don't totally care about her. We do care about Cody, his tenacity and courage. Note, there is a bit of "language" that some adults may object to, but at the same time seems appropriate to the story.

Target audience: 9-10
Mystery/suspense: high

Kid appeal: great
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