Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Wendy Mass
Hachette Book Group

Available: paperback, Kindle, hard cover, audible, audio

    Four kids. One contest. Twelve-year-olds Logan, Miles, Daisy and Philip are in the competition of a lifetime: to create a new delicious candy that will we sold world-wide. There are actually 32 kids in the contest, but these four have been invited to LIFE IS SWEET to prepare for the contest. The reader will spend time with each kid, starting with Logan for he is the Candymaker's son. As each child tells their version
of the truth, the reader is led on a merry ride for nothing is as it seems. And the players are not who you expect. Like peeling an onion, the tension grows as the reader enters the delicious world of candy making.
    This was a great read. The story has plenty of twists and turns as the reader is led on a candy-filled merry-go-round. Boys and girls will both enjoy the world and the suspense.

Target audience: Grades  5-8
Mystery/ suspense: fun

Kid appeal: good
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