Friday, March 27, 2015


Are you a . . .
Sherlock? Hardy Boy? Spy Kid? 
Psychic? Or Totally Clueless? 
Take this little quiz to discover your hidden detecting potential.

You go to get your lunch and discover IT'S GONE. Someone in your homeroom had to have taken it, but who? 

You immediately:
a. set up a hidden camera pointed at your locker, announce you have chocolate chip cookies for afternoon recess, and wait to catch the thief in the act.

b. gather your class together for a group picture. You yell, "Cheese!"Take a photo. Study it with a magnifying glass to see who has pepperoni pizza in their teeth and tomato stains on their shirt.

c. close your eyes to feel the vibes of your classmates. You lick your lips and imagine the after taste of cold pizza as you try to envision who has a hungry spirit.

d. ask around and find out who came to school without their lunch… Someone who's not hungry now… Someone who has pizza breath.

e. call your mom, because you think she forgot to pack your lunch

If you answered A, you're a Spy Kid. You like to set high tech traps to catch the real thieves in the act. 

If you answered B, you're a Sherlock. You logically look at the state of things and then draw your conclusions.

If you answered C, you're a Psychic. You go through life in response to your intuition and feelings.

If you answered D, you're a Hardy Boy. You investigate the facts and then draw your conclusions.

If you answered E, you are a totally clueless to what is going on around you. You may not make a great detective, but you have other special gifts.

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