Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift

Available: paperback, kindle, hard copy

    Fuzzy and Coco are rescue guinea pigs. They live in London with their owners Henrietta and Ben Bliss. Fuzzy wants to be a great chef. Coco dreams of her former life when she lived with the queen. The problem is that she can't stop talking about it. When Fuzzy sees an advertisement posted online by the famous chef Scarlet Cleaver he can hardly contain himself. Not only is she opening a restaurant near by, she wants guinea pigs. As far as he's concerned, it's a dream come true. His chance to learn cooking from an expert and has idol. Coco thinks he's dreaming a little too big. He thinks her stories about her living in a place are lies. They argue. He disappears. And Coco is worried. Even more when she tries to discover where he's gone and her worst fears are realized.
    This was a fun read. Both Coco and Fuzzy are endearing characters, even with their faults. There's danger, excitement, technology and a little Peruvian culture sprinkled in the story. Both boys and girls will enjoy.

Target audience: Grades 4-5
Mystery / suspense: high

Kid appeal: high
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