Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Lee Nichols
Bloomsbury USA

Available: paperback, hard copy, Kindle

   Seventeen-year-old Emma Vail's life is suddenly turned upside down. Her parents go on a business trip, leaving her home to be a teenager without supervision. She's never given them reason not to trust her. She's almost an adult, so what could go wrong? After a disastrous party involving police, she finds herself with a new guardian and enrolled in a new private school miles from home. Her parents have disappeared off
the grid. Her new guardian is hot, young and hardly ever around. Suddenly she starts having visions and seeing things she can't explain. She confronts her guardian and learns things that are almost impossible to believe. About her parents, about herself and their about role in the world. Even though the information makes sense, his answers raise even more questions about what is happening to her an her new friends.
   This was a compelling read. I was pulled into Emma's world, and like her, I wanted to know what was happening and why. Girls will enjoy this story. It has mystery, supernatural overtones, romance and danger.

Target audience: grades 9-11
Mystery/suspense: very good

Kid appeal: high for teen girls
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