Wednesday, May 27, 2015


THE HUMMING ROOM- mystery book review
Ellen Potter

Available: Paperback, hard copy, Kindle, audible

Twelve-year-old Roo Fanshaw's world has just been dumped upside down. The story begins with her hiding under the old worn out trailer her family calls home. The dark cramped space is her sanctuary where she retreats from 
her unstable family. It's familiar, comforting and safe. This day it saved her life and she's suddenly orphaned. Much to her surprise, she learns that she has a wealthy uncle who wants her to come live with him on Cough Island. Or does he? When she arrives at the remote island, he's too busy to even see her. Under the eye of his paid staff, she explores her strange new home that was once a tuberculosis sanitarium for children. Many, who died. Are the weird noises she keeps hearing their ghosts? Or just the rambling groans of an old house? And why is she banned from the east wing? Roo is determined to discover the truth for herself.
This was a compelling read, from beginning to end. Roo is truly a unique young girl full of surprises for both the reader and the characters she encounters in the book. This was really well written as Roo's character growth masterfully unfolds.

Target audience: grades 6-8
Mystery/suspense: Excellent
 Kid appeal: high

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