Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Tony Abbott
Harper Collins

Available: Hard copy, paperback, Kindle

    Wade, Lily, Darrell, and Becca are just hanging out when they hear the news of the death of one of their father's old friends. Their mom is in South America. Their dad wants to go to the funeral, but he can't leave the kids home alone. So he and the kids fly from Texas to Germany for the services. But when they get there the kids realize that the dead man is more than just an old family friend. He's been guarding
ancient secrets that could impact the world as we know it. And its obvious his death was more than a little strange. The facts just don't add up. Not to mention the other mourners and the man's landlady. More strange is that somehow they and their father are connected to the mysterious past. So instead of just paying their respects and taking a little European vacation, they wind up on a dangerous quest that may just save the world.
      This is the first in the book in the Copernicus Legacy series. The four tweens are all bright, feisty and fun and the dangers they face feel real. Once they understand that danger, the story becomes a high-octane quest to save the world. Both boys and girls should enjoy the ride.

Target audience: Grades 6-8
Mystery/ suspense: high action

Kid appeal: Good
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