Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Embassy Row Book 1:
All Fall Down
Ally Carter

Available: Hard copy, paperback, Kindle

    Sixteen-year-old Grace Blakely goes to live with her grandfather, an ambassador, stationed in a small but important country in Europe. She hasn't visited him since her mother's death three year's earlier. It's been too painful and then there's the time she has spent time in treatment. Grace believes her mother was murdered. No one believes her and
she's determined to get to the truth no matter how many rules of protocol she breaks. The hard part is in knowing who to trust and believe. Or who her true friends are. On the surface, life on Embassy Row is all political politeness. Underneath it seethes with international tensions. Graces investigation is a high and slippery tightrope of danger and intrigue.
    Grace's new life on Embassy Row is compelling and fascinating even without the mystery. Add to that her shattered memories, the international politeness and  rules she's forced to follow in this unique setting and the danger she faces all add up to an excellent mystery thriller for teens. The ending has a satisfying twist as well. Kudos for this new series.

Target audience: Grades 8 -10
Mystery/ suspense: high action

Kid appeal: EXCELLENT
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