Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Lin Oliver & Thed Baker

Available: Paperback, Kindle, Hardcover

   Leo and his younger brother Hollis's parents have disappeared and are presumed dead. That means they get to go live with their eccentric uncle who is only doing his duty. It's obvious he really doesn't want them, but they have no choice. They're kids and can't live on their own. The only upside is that Uncle Crane is rich. Real rich, like limousine rich. Hollis loves it. Leo isn't so sure. His uncle is strange.
When Leo receives a birthday package from his dead father, things become even stranger. The present from his father is from the past, from when Leo was a baby. It triggers a power within him that he didn't know he had. A power that will change his life forever. While exploring his uncle's warehouse he comes in contact with an object that draws him into and unforgettable adventure to track down its origin. 
    This was a fun read. Leo and his brother  approach life very differently and the contrast is fun. The voice is strong and a little snarky. The mystery quest is engaging and mixed with a dash of a contemporary fantasy. Boy's especially will enjoy the adventure.

Target audience:  Grades 6-8
Mystery / suspense: good
Kid appeal: High for boys
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